Clan application --- Format and Rules

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Clan application --- Format and Rules

Post by Antonio Valentin on Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:08 pm

Real Name:
Average of the level skills:
Special Abillity:
Your Special Worlds/levels?:
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
The beginning of work the work on Mario Forever (here you can say but you can tell just year and month date and year.):
What know you of Mario Forever members?:
Why you want to join the clan MFP?:
Additional Information (The informations here said that you can tell your phone or e-mail):
Other things that you do at MF:

N/A: No

Rules clan MFP:
1. Do not use hacks engine.
2. You may not use the MF our game hack.
3. You may not make nonsense of MF game!
4. Do not give to no engine if not in clan.
5. Stolen only when a man stole a special engine. (this is just a rule that you can do in an emergency)
6. If you event in W10 Engine to whatever bug, ban 100 days or 3 days!
7. If you do many bugs on W10 Engine punishment: Ban 32 days!
8. If you give the search engines that you feel sorry for you, you will have many bans and be the stupidest man in the group! (not even give it off permanently)
9. If you repeat the mistake of 6,3 times, you will be kicked (fired).

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